Hey I have long black (wavy/curly) hair, my hair is healthy, I don't have split ends or anything like that, I haven't cut my hair in like almost 2 years because I want to left it grow longer, But I want a new look , a new haircut but I want to keep my hair long at the same time idk :/ & I also want my hair to keep growing what would you recommend for it? And how should I keep taking care of my hair?

As long as you’re not using too much heat, and using heat protectant when you do your hair should be good in terms on healthy ends. However, when your hair grows out for that long without a trim it can become really stringy.

I would suggest getting a trim to bring back shape, and facial framing to change it up without losing length. Depending on your hair type I would add some layers also.

If you’re interested in bangs and your hair is really long I highly suggest trying clip in bangs first. I would try these clip in bangs and see how you like it.

To keep your hair in tip top shape I would use a keratin treatment on a weekly basis. Revitaluxe from joico is a great product as it is a protien treatment as well as a hydrating mask.

For heat protectant when your feel like going straight you should use redken’s iron shape, or even fabricate (I find it’s easier for my clients to use on themselves).

14.Jan.14 3 months ago